Welcome to David Fairlamb Fitness Online Training - an ever-growing online resource of training sessions, tips, ideas and motivational talks.

Hi, I’m David Fairlamb

I am the owner and motivator behind David Fairlamb Fitness. Over 20 years of experience has made me even more passionate about helping and inspiring individuals.

I have developed the business to include award-winning group sessions, hugely popular Beach Bootcamps, VersaClimber classes, a SugarCleanLean 6 week food plan, wellness program, SugarCleanLean cooking classes and a unique floodlit, self-contained outdoor gym, the first of its kind in the UK.

As wll as running nationally recognised fitness campaigns my popular motivational talks are now an integrel part of my business.

I have set-up this online training platform to help you stay positive and motivated during this uncertain period caused by the coronavirus.